Blog 125: To New Reading Challenges

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

The clock clicked, the time ticked and I picked today to post a much awaited blog. Like every year, this year too I have set some reading challenges for myself and I hope to keep them up till the end of the year. Putting it out here is the best way for me to be accountable for it and I enjoy challenging myself each year on my reading goals. Let’s see what’s in store this year for me.


  1. Goodreads Reading Challenge

In 2020, I read 134 books but couldn’t set it up on Goodreads. This year I have set my goal for 100 books and I am going to challenge myself to put it out there. Last year my goal was 50 books to read, but I did more than double. Hence, this year I have doubled the number and set it at 100. I’m excited.

2. Classics to Capture

I struggle with classics. So this year I have decided to read one book every alternate month totaling it to 6 books per year. The list of these 6 books isn’t set because I will be starting a classic in February and by then it will be ready.

3. Tackle my TBR

I have a list that I want to finish by the end of the year. A few checked off my list is going to be very satisfying. This will be purely based on my picks from my TBR and not for any challenges.

4. Nudge my Non-Fiction

I mostly gravitate towards fictions books a lot and Self – Help books aren’t my first choice always. Having said that, last year I managed to read 37 books and I am proud of that. This year I have upped it to 45 to 50 books and I hope to get to 50 books by the end of the year. This will again be from the books I own.

Other Bookish Goals include,

1. More Kindle and Audiobooks

For some strange reason, this year, I want to devour audio books and books on my kindle. I would still read hard copies but it won’t be as much as eBooks or audio-books. This way I hope to cross out a lot of books on my TBR.

2. Bookclub Reads

This year my book-club is going to be reading 12 books again, one per month and we are very excited to start out first book this month. We will be juggling a few new genres and a few new reading challenges amongst ourselves.

3. Blog Updation

I have decided that starting next week, I will posting 3 blogs per week. I would like to have a scheduled routine for this and hence my blogs will come every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. This will include Author Interviews, Book Reviews and general bookish posts.

4. Bookstagram

I am going to be posting on my Instagram page, every alternate day and look forward to clicking some amazing pictures with my books.

5. Netgalley

I want to touch a 100% on Netgalley this year. I am currently at 74%. I have a few pending books and I want to tackle them before I request new books.

6. Book Journal

This is something I want to start this year. That way I can make a note of the book I read and the rating I gave. I want to track only these two items in my journal.

7. Booklog

I will continue maintain a book-log like every year to track all the books I read. It includes fiction and non-fiction books. Titles with author names are mentioned in it.

8. Summer Reading Challenge

I am going to be participating in the Summer Reading Challenge organized by my local library this year too. I have been participating in them for a few years and I absolutely enjoy it. The reading challenge is so intersting each year that it makes it a delight to participate in them

9. #100dayproject

Last year was my first year of participation in this project and I can’t tell you how much it satiated my poetic side. This year too I am going to participating in this project with my #100daysofquatrainproject and it is going to creatively stimulating this year too.

That’s it from me for this year and I hope to chase all these goals in 2021.

Have a lovely year ahead and may all our bookish dreams come true!


Lots of love,


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A fellow book worm who by norms classifies as a voracious reader, books have been a key part since a toddler. Also a prolific writer, I love the craft of words. Of course, people who love to read mostly love to write too! Isn't it? I play around with colors and take absolute delight in Pencil Sketching and Mandalas. A little secret to indulge - I foster a vested interest of amassing a New Degree almost every year. It's my way to Paradise :) A Daughter, Wife, an Engineer, a Bibliophile, a Saree Lover and a varied Juggler of Artsy Interests - That's Me in a Nutshell Welcome Aboard Y'all!!

10 thoughts on “Blog 125: To New Reading Challenges

  1. I’m making the change to audiobooks hoping to reduce migraines. Good luck with your challenges and goals. Putting them out there on your blog is a great motivator.


  2. This sounds so organized and fun! I hope you hit all your goals!

    I always say I’m going to read my backlog books but most of the time I don’t. There were so many awesome titles last year I didn’t get around to that I want to this year though! And I also want to hit at least 80% on NetGalley this year!


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