Blog 128: The Magic of Woven Words – Author Interview #23

Dear Readers,

The weekend is almost over and it is time to start preparing for the week ahead. So far, I have managed to wrap up 4 books and I’m almost done with my 5th book. Check out my Instagram account (link on my home page) to see what I have read so far. How is your reading coming along so far?

A huge Thank You and a Loud Shout out to the Author – Katharine Ann Melton for agreeing to participate and kind enough to send prompt response to all my questions.

Katharine Ann Melton is the author of Duology – Behind the Mirage (Available on Amazon for purchase.)

–>  A Brief Bio (As is written by the Author)

I grew up in Northern California where I lived for over 30 years.  I moved to the east coast about ten years ago.  My favorite genre to read is paranormal romance and urban fantasy.  I began writing in the seventh grade; poetry and screenplays.

Question 1:  What was the inspiration for the story? What do you hope your readers take away from this book? Tell us about the process for coming up with the cover.

Author’s Response: The inspiration for the story was my interest in Greek mythology.  I would like the readers to be transported into the story and see themselves in the different characters and if the situations presented would change if it was their story.  The process for the cover was researching images of ancient Greece to modern times.  Popular destinations; wanting to put the protagonist on the cover because it is her story that is being told.

Question 2: What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book? What was the highlight of writing this book? What comes first, the plot or characters?  How do you develop your plot and characters?

Author’s Response: The key challenges was to make sure the story flowed; getting multiple ideas down to one.  The book started out completely different and I wanted to make sure I stuck to one idea.  The plot came first in the story because the characters kept changing; their personalities, their priorities.  I feel as though I can come up with a plot fairly simply.  It is funny to say, but characters do not always behave the way they are supposed to.  Developing the plot and characters is just coming up with different ideas and trying to figure out what character fits better with what plot.  I have multiple stories, multiple ideas, and if I don’t use a character in one story, I will use them in the next.

Question 3:  What is your work schedule like when you are writing? Is there lots to do before you drive in and start writing the story?  How do you handle literary criticism?

Author’s Response: Usually my work schedule when writing is sporadic.  I never stick to a schedule; I just dive in and start writing.  Some scenes are never put together; I might have one scene for the middle of the book and another for the beginning or end.  I actually write the ending before the beginning, than fill in the rest.  It has seemed to work so far.

Question 4: What famous author do you wish would be your mentor? Who is your favorite author and why? What are you reading now? What book is currently on your bedside table?

Author’s Response:   The author I would love to be a mentor and my favorite author is Karen Marie Moning.  Her world building is amazing; I always feel transported to the locations and that is what I want for my stories.  I actually visited Ireland because one of my favorite series she writes is based in Dublin.  Unfortunately I haven’t read anything for a bit because I am focused on writing the second book in my series and I have devoted a lot of time to that. 

Question 5: Recommend three of your favorite books to the readers.

 Author’s Response: The books I recommend are,

Karen Marie Moning: ‘Fever Series’

Claire Farrell: ‘Chaos Series

Laura Kreitzer: ‘Timeless Series’ 

Until next time!


Lots of love,


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