Blog 129: Modish Milestone

Dear Readers,

This blog is special to me. Little did I know, when I started my blog in April last year that a day would come when I would dedicate a blog to highlight my meritorious milestones. It makes me giddy with joy. A feeling that leaves brings a huge smile on my face. A huge Thank You and a loud shout to you all for making it happen. Your perpetual support means the world to me. I look forward to your continued love. I have nothing but gratitude and proclivity for making this teeny dream of being a book blogger come true.

Milestone Mark,

–> Two Hundred Followers and Counting : I crossed the 200 followers mark and I am so indebted to each one for you for making this happen. Thank You!

–> Five Hundred Likes and More : My blog received a total of 500 likes sometime back and when that message popped up, I was so joyous. Thank You Again!

–> Two Hundred Posts : So far, I have posted a lot of blogs and when I touched the 200 posts mark, I received a notification. Woo Hoo!

–> One Hundred Book Mark: I read a total of 134 books in 2020 which means I crossed the 100 book mark. I can’t tell you all how happy I was to have read so many brilliant books last year.

So, Thank You Once Again everyone for being a brilliant support and here’s to 2021 and the milestones I carve out to post yet another subtle brag blog. 🙂

Happy Reading, Happy Blooging!


Lots of love,


Published by mrsswiftnib

A fellow book worm who by norms classifies as a voracious reader, books have been a key part since a toddler. Also a prolific writer, I love the craft of words. Of course, people who love to read mostly love to write too! Isn't it? I play around with colors and take absolute delight in Pencil Sketching and Mandalas. A little secret to indulge - I foster a vested interest of amassing a New Degree almost every year. It's my way to Paradise :) A Daughter, Wife, an Engineer, a Bibliophile, a Saree Lover and a varied Juggler of Artsy Interests - That's Me in a Nutshell Welcome Aboard Y'all!!

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