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Blog 163: Blog Tour 15 – Book Review #61

Dear Readers,

Happy Monday!

Today is my stop in the blog tour organized by Blackthorn Book Tours . Thank You for your consideration and inviting me to participate in this blog tour.

BOOK REVIEW ALERT – Review, Recommendation, Rating & Opinion are my own.

Title – Keepers of the Gate

Author – E Denise Billups

Genre – Horror Fiction

This book is set in the historical background of Iroquois Confederacy &Sullivan Expedition’s Route – 1779. At the beginning of the book, Pilan & Teka die only to be reincarnated.

The Newhouse family are the present owners of the grand Victorian B&B (Bed & Breakfast) -Twilight Ends on the hillock. But this isn’t any ordinary inn. Tessa’s daughter – Skylar and granddaughter – Twyla have a lot on their plates and the paranormal activities that are going on at the inn need to be taken care of.

  • What is going on at the inn?
  • What is the mystery surrounding it?
  • Will the family be able to solve it?
  • Why does it take us back in time?
  • Do all the pieces of the puzzle fit together?

Rating – 4/5 Stars
Recommendation – High

This brilliant read alternates between past and present. Takes us back in time and brings us to the present seamlessly. This book is very engaging even though it isn’t a page turner. The plot development is amazing and the character development is wonderful. Very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

P.S – Thank You Blackthorn Book Tour for organizing and inviting me to be a part of this magnificent blog tour. Thank You for providing the ecopy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


Lots of love,



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