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*About Me*

A Creative Juggler

A self-proclaimed bibliophile and a fellow book worm who by all norms classifies as a voracious reader. Books have been a trenchantly inherent part of my life since a toddler and I owe this to my mum. Apart from being an avid reader, I am a prolific writer who loves this craft of weaving words.

My Genres include,

1. Mystery
2. Thriller
3. Historical Fiction
4. Sci-Fi
5. Lit Fic
6. Romance
7. Dystopian
8. Young Adult – YA
9. Fantasy Fiction
10. Memoir
11. Short Stories
12. Children’s Fiction & Middle Grade
13. Self-Help/Non-Fiction

I play around with colors and take absolute delight in Pencil Sketches and creating complex Mandala designs, since I like to discern vehemently that a creative streak is etched in me. (I do post pictures on my Instagram handle.)
A seldom reveal that I vouchsafe here – I foster a vested interest in amassing a New Degree almost every year. So far a perfect ten to my acclaim and the eleventh one is work-in-progress. Also have a few certifications to gloat. It’s my oasis of pure academic passion pursuit.
Engineer, Bibliophile, Book Reviewer, Poet, Mandala Artist, Photographer, Saree Lover, Jewelry Enthusiast, Paw Lover, Hodophile, Yogi and a varied Juggler of Artsy Interests – That’s Me in a Nutshell 🙂

Join me to experience this highbrow book riot
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Lots of Love,


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